Civil Litigation: We handle a wide array of court related matters. This would include cases in both Circuit and County Court. We represent Plaintiffs and Defendants in complex commercial and business cases, while also assisting our clients in more straight forward contractual matters. These include breach of contract, fraud, insurance disputes, failure to pay, breach of fiduciary duty, lease disputes, landlord and tenant claims, collections and many other types of cases.

Mediation Services: Steven Weiss is a Florida Supreme Court certified circuit civil mediator. Mr. Weiss is available to mediate your dispute upon request. 

General Business Matters: We negotiate, review and draft contracts of all nature, including, but not limited to: employment agreements, purchase and sale agreements, independent contractor agreements, partnership agreements, non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements, lease agreements, settlement agreements, release and hold-harmless agreements, and confidentiality agreements.

Trial Support: We are available to work with other attorneys to assist with the preparation of pleadings, motions, memorandum of law and other trial or court related documents. This work is offered at reduced hourly rates so that our time is combined with the hourly rated charged by the primary attorney. This enables the primary attorney to charge his/her standard hourly rate to the client for review and approval of the work performed, without increasing cost to the client for our services.

Referrals: If a client needs assistance in an area of law which we do not handle, we will be happy to assist in locating an attorney who can meet their needs. We are very fortunate to have working relationships with very competent attorneys who handle cases which we do not. This would include personal injury, automobile accidents, medical malpractice, divorce, child custody, criminal and other matters. If we do not know an attorney in the appropriate specialty, we will use our contacts to attempt to locate someone to assist you. In this way, we can stay involved in the case if you desire. Unless special arrangements are pre-arranged with the client, the client will not be billed by us for any services we render in conjunction with the attorney to whom we have referred the client.

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